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About Uplink

Uplink is the platform where entrepreneurs and vendors connect to build the big brands of tomorrow.

Finding the right partners can make all the difference in the success of your business, but for many entrepreneurs the process is frustrating, confusing and time-consuming—and, worst of all, yielding questionable results. The Uplink platform makes the process simple, efficient and effective, helping entrepreneurs find reliable vendors in three different ways:


Uplink's Verified Vendor Directory has a wealth of vendors in 9 categories most critical to your success, including contract manufacturing, packaging, formulation, logistics, and more. Verified Vendors have undergone a series of checks by the Uplink team such as interviewing their past clients and a Better Business Bureau check, so you can feel confident that the vendors you're connecting with are legitimate and excited to work with you.


Not sure where to start with your vendor search? Let our team do the work for you. Our Uplink Concierge team will help you articulate your needs, and provide you a shortlist of vendors who are qualified to help you. Save yourself months of headache, and go through the vendor searching process with confidence and support.

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