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Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? Find answers to most frequently asked questions.
Can Solution Providers Who Are Not Exhibiting at Uplink Live Become Verified Vendors?

Yes.  Exhibiting at Uplink Live is separate and distinct from becoming a Verified Vendor, and one is not dependent on the other.  However, those companies that exhibit at Uplink Live will have an icon on their vendor page indicating their participation in Uplink Live.

How Does a Solution Provider Become a Verified Vendor?

A solution provider can apply for Verified Vendor status via the form here.

How Is Uplink Organized?
  • The main Directory contains all the companies tracked by Uplink; it can be accessed via multiple links throughout the site.

  • Above the company listings on the Vendor Directory page are the links to the nine service categories:

            Product Manufacturing
            Packaging and Labeling
            Distribution and Logistics
            Branding and Creative
            Marketing and Communication
            Business Services and Consulting
            Ecommerce and Technology

  • Verified Vendors are listed in alphabetical order at the top of the main Directory and in the major categories.

  • The directories can be sorted by Country, State, and Deliverable

How is Uplink Different from Uplink Live?
  • Uplink is a digital platform and Uplink Live is a live, in-person event that takes place alongside several of the Indie Beauty Expo events. 

  • Uplink Live is an opportunity to discover and connect in person with solution providers. 

  • Both Uplink and Uplink Live are produced by Indie Beauty Media Group.

Is it free to use Uplink Concierge?

No.  Uplink Concierge costs $495 per category search.

What is Uplink?
  • Uplink is a digital platform where entrepreneurs and vendors across multiple categories connect to build the big brands of tomorrow. 

  • The Uplink Vendor Directory contains hundreds of vendors across nine functional categories.

What Makes Uplink Unique?
  • In addition to a comprehensive list of beauty industry solution providers, Uplink features listings for Verified Vendors: indie-attuned companies that want to work with emerging brands. They understand the realities of operating a small business and have tailored their offering to better address the needs in the indie beauty space. 

  • Uplink offers Uplink Concierge, a personalized service for beauty entrepreneurs where our team helps you articulate your needs and then conducts a thorough vendor search on your behalf, quickly providing you with a short list of vendors who are qualified to meet your needs.  

  • Uplink is managed by Indie Beauty Media Group, LLC, the authority in independent beauty and an organization with a proven track record of bringing a variety of innovative solutions to support the growth of independent brands and the success of beauty entrepreneurs.

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